Final Grade Calculator

After putting in a lot of hard work during the school term or university semester, you need to be sure that you’ll make a good grade. Using a final grade calculator, you can determine how much you should score in the final exam to make your desired grade.

It’s better than guessing the percentage mark you should score. Guesswork can result in unreliable prediction of the final grade and prevent you from putting in enough effort. This article discusses how and why you should use a reliable online calculator to determine your final grade.

Final Grade Calculator

Final Grade Calculator

What Are the Components of the Final Grade

Typically, a student’s final grade is composed of scores from assignments, cats, homework, laboratory, and other tests that could have taken place within the term. But that’s only a portion of the final grade.

Depending on your level of education, the final exam contributes a given percentage to the final grade. Usually, the final exam is 20 percent of your final grade. For high school students, first-quarter and second-quarter grades contribute 40 percent of the final grade each, making a total of 80 percent.

If you’re in university, the initial assessments make up 80 percent of the final grade. University semesters aren’t divided into quarters, which is the reason for aggregating termly assessments to 80 percent of the final grade. The final exam is only 20 percent.

The following is the standard formula for calculating the final grade:

  • Final Exam Grade = {Expected Grade for the Class – [(1 – Final Exam Weight) × Current Grade]} ÷ Final Exam Weight

How to Use a Final Grade Calculator

With our final grade calculator, you can determine how many marks you must score in the final exam to pass the course. It also displays the weight of the final exam. You must input the current grade in assignments, homework, cats, etc., and the weight of the exam as a percentage.

The following are the steps you must take to calculate your final grade:

Step 1: Enter Your Current Grade

Your current grade is what you have scored in your course so far. Find out the aggregate of what you’ve scored in your homework, tests, and assignments. Say, you have 75 percent so far and this score is weighted at 75 percent of the final grade. Use the slider to set it at 75 percent.

That means that, so far, you have 75 × 0.75 = 56.25 of your final grade. Our calculator uses algorithms that produce similar results. However, it doesn’t show this part of the calculation but only displays the final results.

Step 2: Set the Weight of the Exam

Your final exam results will contribute to your final exam on a certain weight. This is usually 100 minus the weight of your current results. Therefore, if your current results contributed 75 percent, the exam will contribute 25 percent. On the final grade calculator, toggle the slider to read 25 percent.

Step 3: Set Your Desired Final Grade

What’s your desired final grade? It makes perfect sense to desire the highest pass mark possible. Therefore, select what you want to get on aggregate by appropriately moving the slider.

For our example, the student wants to score 80 percent on the final exam. That means the student has a deficit of 80 – 56.25 = 23.75. To get how many marks you must score a final grade of 80 percent, divide 23.75 by 0.25, which is the weight of the final exam in decimal form.

Of course, the calculations above will be necessary when manually determining the marks you need. Our final grade calculator automates the process, yielding results in no time. So, you don’t have to overburden your brain with manual calculations.

Step 4: Calculate and View the Results

After setting all the parameters on the final grade calculator, you must click Calculate to see the results. Using algorithms based on the calculations above, the calculator will promptly display the results. For the example above, you’ll need to score 80 percent in the final exam to score a first grade of 80 percent.

Benefits of Using a Final Grade Calculator

So, you’re nearing the end of the school term or university semester and would like to know what you should get in the final exam to make your desired grade. You’ve heard about a final grade calculator but are unsure of the benefits you can get from it. Here are some of the advantages of using such a calculator:

1. Easy to Use

Our free online final grade calculator is easy to use. You do not have to be a mathematician or gifted in numbers to use it. Neither do you need to be a computer wizard? Once you reach our website and open the calculator, you’ll see simple sliders for setting the parameters. Toggle the sliders appropriately, click Calculate, and you’ll see the results.

2. Available Online

Our final grade calculator is online. Thus, you can use it from any location globally. As long as you know the weight of the final exam on the final grade in your country, you can use the calculator. Plus, you can use it anytime. You don’t have to travel to your school or university to enquire about your grades.

3. Providing Exact Results

You should never try to do manual calculations unless you are a gifted mathematician. There’s the likelihood of making small and large mistakes. But, with a dedicated grades calculator, it should be easier for you to get accurate results. Therefore, you’ll know how much work you should put into your studies to get your desired grade.

4. Pointing You In the Right Direction

One of the reasons for using the calculator is to know the portion of the grade you have so far and what you need to score next. You may discover that your current grade isn’t good enough and you need to excel in the exam to pass. The effort you’ll expend will depend on how many marks you must get in the exam. Therefore, the results of the calculator can motivate you to work harder and smarter.